The Eastern Kentucky Military Historical Society is a community organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Kentucky Military History. The group is full of local historians, military enthusiasts, and, most importantly, veterans of every conflict from World War II to present. We hold monthly roundtable meetings in addition to taking part in a wide array of community activities and programs. We invite you to join our ranks as we work to preserve history.


“The Mission of the Eastern Kentucky Military Historical Society, Inc. shall be to promote education, preservation, heritage and exhibits in the field of United States military history with a focus on historical events related to Eastern Kentucky.”

The Organization shall strive to execute its mission:

  1. By promoting understanding, appreciation, and knowledge of Kentucky military history to individuals of all ages.
  2. By supporting the documentation of Kentucky military service members’ sacrifices and the preservation of Kentucky military history from all generations.
  3. By undertaking educational activities such as shows, exhibits, workshops, seminars, lectures and demonstrations and making them available to all individuals and groups.
  4. By supporting and promoting Kentucky’s military heritage today so that history will be well-documented for future generations.


     Our History
     Board of Directors
     Meeting Minutes


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